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1. Hey, Gulfport Veterinarian, sometimes when I call I can’t get through quickly or I have to wait in the waiting room. Why is that?

Well, we try our best, but we are a very popular and  busy animal hospital in the Gulfport-St. Petersburg area. First we really work hard at trying to provide the best and latest professional veterinary pet healthcare ,that we can, and still make it as affordable, to serve the residents in Gulfport and St. Petersbrug.

We also employ some of the latest veterinary medical technology such as Digital Radiology, complete In-House Laboratory services and Cold Laser Therapy. Obtaining this technology is expensive to buy and also to maintain. Now, we could raise our fees, but this would make it harder on many of our clients. So we had to make a choice to raise fees, which would decrease the number of clients or did we want to be able to help as many people as possible. We decided on the latter, to serve the community. So, yes we are busy and sometimes our clients have to wait, but we would rather serve the community, than force others to have forgo caring for their pets. We want to be the St. Petersburg animal hospital that places the well-being of our pets above pure financial gain.

2. How often should I bring my pet in for check-ups at Gulfport Veterinarian

It is advisable to bring in your pet at least once a year to ensure that medications, shots and tags are up-do-date.

Most animals need at least one annual examination to ensure medications are current, shots and tags are up-to-date. At Gulfport Veterinarian we believe that a physical examination is key to preventative medicine. At Gulfport Veterinarian, your pet’s vaccine protocol will be formulated, based on your pet’s lifestyle, and specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.

3. Is Gulfport Veterinarian available for emergency care?

In the majority of cases, yes. Gulfport Veterinarian is also affiliated with other local after-hours emergency veterinary hospitals.

4. Can I get my pet’s medications and supplies at Gulfport Veterinarian?

Gulfport Veterinarian is a full service veterinary hospital in Gulf Port, we have a veterinary pharmacy and do stock medications to fill most prescriptions, and have an inventory of dog and cat food, as well as other pet care products.

5. Does Gulfport Veterinarian see other animals besides cats and dogs?

At Gulfport Veterinarian, we treat different kinds of pets and also have a network of speciality veterinarians that can meet any pet’s needs.

6. Does Gulfport Veterinarian provide dental care for their patients?

That’s a good question, because at Gulfport Veterinarian , we believe that proper dental care is essential for your pet’s good health. Generally, pets should have a dental exam and teeth cleaning at least once yearly. Along with proper vaccinations, prophylactic dental cleaning is a great preventative measure you can do to provide good health for your pet.

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